The Body Positivity Sticker Pack

Society says that your hair is too short. Society says that your thighs are too big, your moles are too many, your nose is too sharp, and your eyes are too wide. Society says it just wants you to be beautiful. But when will society admit that it wants you to be anyone but yourself? The Body Positivity Sticker Pack was designed by our Head of Social Media, Sarah Chan. The stickers are transparent because Kabanata wants everyone to see these bodies at face-value, and realize that these bodies are beautiful and nothing but. As you stick them onto your everyday essentials- your water jugs and your binders, your laptops, and phone cases- realize that like yours, these bodies deserve to be loved, to be displayed openly, but most of all: these bodies demand to be seen.


Body Positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. It is a social movement that advocates for all humans to love their bodies, regardless of the norms that popular culture has beset upon our minds. Body positivity is self-love, but it is also much more than that. It is about accepting your flaws and acknowledging that they are anything but, it is about loving the natural way your body holds itself- but most of all, it is about loving the packaging you come in.


Many members here at Kabanata have experienced difficulties with their body images. The people that make up our organization know firsthand what insecurity feels like; the things it does to you, the thoughts that keep you up at night, and the constant and nagging belief that you are not pretty or skinny or tall or white or tan or anything enough. That’s why we chose body positivity. Body positivity is very important to all of us here at Kabanata. As societal views on the ”ideal” body are challenged in this modern world of ”woke culture”, we know how important body positivity is, and the effects of a body-positive mindset on your mental health and personal state. We hope that when seeing these stickers on your everyday essentials, you remind yourself that all bodies, especially yours, deserve to be seen, appreciated, and loved.

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