Kabanata PH

Check out Kabanata PH’s latest project, KabanaTalks: Small Talk about the Big World. On our podcast, we talk about everything– from current issues and the activists we admire to burnout and what the organization world is like. Our first episode, 01: 21 Resolutions for 2021, is up!
  • Filipino Resilience and its Insufficiency in Times of Crisis
    “We need to remind ourselves that in times of crisis… it is the very panic, anger, and resentment that we deny ourselves right now that will get us the help we so desperately need. When we refuse to be passive any longer, when we refuse to just accept the situation as it is, we can […]
  • The 48th Anniversary of Martial Law
    “There will be no end to the injustice unless there are people willing to make a stand, against the forces that perpetuate it. The suffering of Filipinos did not end with the martial law era. In a country where corruption is institutionalized and abuse is rampant, the victims are not the privileged middle to upper-class.” […]
  • The Body Positivity Sticker Pack
    Society says that your hair is too short. Society says that your thighs are too big, your moles are too many, your nose is too sharp, and your eyes are too wide. Society says it just wants you to be beautiful. But when will society admit that it wants you to be anyone but yourself? […]